2019.10.19 Korean startup xSync helps organizers create and manage successful events

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xSyncs unique event management app. makes it easy for the organizers.

[KoreaTechDask] Planning to hold an in-house event, create a conference app or prepare a workshop app? Perhaps you would like to check out xSync, the one and only event application technology service in Korea that allows users to create their events and manage them.

xSync helps event organizers to create event management tools quickly and easily. xSync also provides event-only applications for participants to enjoy a special experience. Founded by Song Bo-geun, xSync offers an array of services, available in both web and app. 

Assistance all the way

XSync offers support before, during and after the event. Participants can pre-register and tickets/invitations sales can be arranged. There is also an RSVP on the invitation, giving the organizers a fair idea of the number of participants.

During the event, the app/website shares event information such as schedule and announcements. The service also facilitates the printing of name tags with QR Code. Participants can interact through chats, take quizzes, and vote during the event, making it an interactive and lively one.

Once the event is over, Xsync checks the response and feedback and prepares the database for analysis of the success of the event. It also continuously manages the data of the participants which can empower the organizer to hold future events, network and organize sessions. 

Feature-rich app

A strong feature is participants can enter with a private code if a private event occurs, ensuring privacy and confidentiality. They can also check real-time notifications, information, and network with other visitors by story-sending, a timeline, bulletin board, and chat feature. There is an element of interactivity with features such as stamp tour and real-time quiz shows. Compared to other SI, xSync costs $4 per person and can be set up in 15 minutes. 

Registering on the app/website is simple. One must share details and the administrator creates an ID/PW and emails it back to you. XSync supports 5 languages currently and the language is displayed depending on the default language set on the phone. Users can distribute their own apps using the xSync Premium service and use container app technology to manage multiple events in one app. The startup has received a great response and is aiming at making $12 million by 2022.


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